We at Tempest in a Teardrop headquarters are on red alert due to an imminent snow storm. It’s supposed to be epic. Starting tomorrow afternoon, we’re supposed to get 5-8″. According to local news broadcasts, it could be over a foot. Considering last weekend’s storm over-delivered 6″ of snow despite 1″ estimates, I’m expecting around 3′ of snow.

Or none at all. It’s TV weather personalities. They aren’t hired for their soothsaying skills.

Meanwhile, the pre-storm panic is in full swing. People are stocking up on necessary items like hair dryers and coffee. The media has to explain that a steaming cup of Starbucks will not melt falling snowflakes fast enough to keep you from being buried alive. Not even if it’s a Venti. Those warnings are vital, by the way. In [current year] people really are that stupid.

The governor of Washington has contacted the governor of California requesting aid. We need to import as much fire as possible, something California has in abundance. Oregon and Nevada are offering their fire trucks to help with shipping. Oregon and Nevada are cool like that. At least Nevada is.

Seattle is likely to lose a floating bridge during the blizzard. It’s been nearly 30 years since they’ve had one sink, they’re ten years overdue. It’s possible that the entire city of Seattle will be pushed into the Puget Sound due to billions of pounds of heavy, wet, snow. That’d be tragic. We burned through all our celebratory fireworks during New Years.

Meanwhile, it is possible that we’ll lose power at TiaT HQ and more importantly internet access, thus delaying Monday’s comic to an unspecified future day. Tomorrow’s comic will not be affected and will be published tomorrow morning as usual.

Don’t worry about us! We’ve got plenty of gas, liquor, and most importantly, coffee.

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