Fair warning: We’re going to short-change you on Friday, because we’re running an extra frame. A single, extra frame. It’s funny. But it’s only one frame.

Thankfully, I got Glyph an early birthday present: a Huion Kamvas Pro 13 drawing tablet screen thingy. It acts like an extra monitor that she can draw directly upon. Makes drawing easier. Once we got it installed, which involved three trips to the confessional, the whole thing was a breeze.

At Christmas we ran a couple of her comics. They were good. These are better. She doodled out the following. By “doodled”, I mean screwing around in her spare time by a couple of hours each. I’d give credit to the technology but I don’t believe in technology, so I’m giving the credit to bitcoin. That’s as close to “money alchemy” as you’ll see in the present year. Whichever year you discover this post.

This is entitled “Modern Day Bureaucrat”.

This drawing is simple, but in the cartoon world it’s amazing. That’s because it invokes a feeling, something incredibly difficult to do. I can think of half-a-dozen stories it’d fit into. What about you?

Lastly, we have this little beauty which is topical if imperfect. I didn’t even realize she’d drawn it until I saw the first two. Its flaws are minor: make the IRS TSA scanner a bit bigger, open the angle slightly, make the post-dollar face-sag a bit more exaggerated, and place one of those arrows at a knee. The basic idea is fantastic. Everything I’ve suggested is in “brain-fart” territory.

The flies are a nice touch. I’d never have thought of those.

Congratulations Glyph. You’re making both your mother and me proud!