Hang the title! We don’t need no stinkin’ search engine optimization! Had a bit of a break for Easter but we’re now ahead for the first time in months! Regular comix resume Monday (although this one *is* story-related – honest!) Codex is using the time to acquaint herself with new drawing technology and leaving town for a week.

No, I can’t tell you about the new technology. It’s some kind of screen you can draw on and, frankly, might as well be magic.

Meanwhile, I’m getting yelled at daily on Gab because I’ve been active in the Christian and Gardening groups. The Gardeners put up with my… proclivities. Sample question: How superstitious are gardeners? Let’s say you discover the soil your neighbor gifted you came from an exhumed grave. What do you do with it?

The Christian group is a tire fire, like all open theistic forums. I’m not complaining about that: it’s very, *very* inspiring for ridiculous comic strips.

Meanwhile, enjoy today’s comic!