There’s a comic ready to go. It’s  beautifully drawn and full of the nuance and mystery you expect. Sadly, it’s not Friday’s comic. It’s Monday’s. As a result… well… we’re somehow a comic short.

It isn’t Codex’s fault.

Okay, it isn’t *entirely* Codex’s fault. I had her editing “Death Truck” and we’re working on some Bogwart stories and–

Oh, that’s right. Nobody knows who Bogwart is. Well, no worries.

Okay. I’ll come clean. We’ve wanted to fill in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and maybe even Saturday with some kind of light-hearted entertainment that will keep you coming back for more. So I’ve come up with a little demonic dude named Bogwart and am writing stories, or scripts, that feature the little vagabond in a “Screwtape Letters meets Scooby Doo” kind of way. Cue desperate-but-funny-branching-out music.

So, rather than run a backup comic which we’re totally going to run in October since both Codex & Glyph will be abandoning me for a week, we’re doing this. More on Bogwart in the near future. I’ve missed writing my inane little news pieces and since Clown World can’t be parodied, Bogwart will have to suffice.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read “Death Truck” I’d love feedback either here or on the various parts. We’ll be doing the “Bogwart” stories differently, because 5k word blog posts are a little long.

Meanwhile, happy Friday and remember: Laughter is the best revenge, unless you have an automated delivery truck that can utilize its anti-theft devices to eliminate your enemies for you.

–> Quizzer