Just a programming note, really.

We’re at a natural “break” point which is good: both my artists are leaving for destination unknown next week, but I’ll give you a hint: there is a non-zero chance they’ll be enveloped by fire, earthquakes, mudslides, or family drama.

Let’s just say we’re the black sheep, for a variety of reasons, but mostly because California shouldn’t exist, and we have a never-ending supply of jokes about that. It might also be the gulf between the red-pilled and the normie. Mysteries and lifestyles abound.

Regardless, we have a bonus comic drawn by Glyph for Monday because, even though Codex is two or three comics ahead, we’re anticipating a recovery period and it makes more sense to pop in a back-up comic now instead of in three comics at the start of the next chapter.

That chapter will feature a return to Mop and Pew, the Narrativists. You may remember them from such comics as:


Pew is the tall carrot. Mop is the short turnip gal. We haven’t seen these two in almost 100 comics. Can you believe we’ve done that many?

Meanwhile, the entire chapter is in the can (or at least fully written up in Scrivener) and I’ll guarantee the following: It’s never looked better, it’s going to be 10 comics, and *nobody* is gonna see the shock twist. Except for Codex, who has to draw them.

Prayers for you all,