Hey all. Codex here.

Today’s post is a bit of a pickled watermelon. Quizzer thought he was immune to The Crud, which invaded the household this week. Since my back log of extra strips is shot, he said: “Don’t worry, Codex! I’ve got you covered.”

Hahahahahaha. Nobody escapes the Cycle of Snot. He did miss the exciting secondary infection Glyph succumbed to, though.

Today he came staggering downstairs, grabbed the bottle of Nyquil and took a couple of shots.

“Sickness, fatigue, nose honey, hubris, stupidity, skull-n-bones, and the imminent destruction of Seattle!” he spluttered. Then he went into a coughing fit and collapsed onto the couch. Before passing out into a haze of mucous and over-the-counter syrupy nostrums he muttered, “”The Economist 2015 is the key.”

I’m assuming he means this. I found it on his computer.

Apparently you have to have the right cover, because it changes depending on which language you get it in. “That’s how you know they are serious,” he told me on Friday, while researching this post. At least I think he did. I was still pretty sick then.

Encoded in the cover are five critical symbols that foretell the imminent destruction of Seattle on November 3, during the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football game. Kickoff is at 1:05 Pacific Standard Time. Yes, seriously. According to his notes there are episodes of The Simpsons with details, but since Glyph is older than the last time they were funny, I’m not well enough to watch.

Quizzer isn’t the superstitious type and I’m not even sure why I’m piecing this together from his fever-inspired notes.  On the other hand, “stay out of Seattle” is always good advice. And you can’t go wrong buying an extra bag of of marshmallows and doubling the liquor budget for a week.

If you really want to delve into this mystery, this thick-accented German fellow will get you started. He seems sincere. But no, we can’t give you the 30 minutes back.

Stay safe out there.