This is an accurate scale model drawing of a marmot. I don’t think it’s a Yellow-Bellied Marmot native to Yosemite. It is still terrifying. Interesting marmot facts:

  1. Marmots live all over the world, even Australia.
  2. Marmots eat root vegetables, and whatever seems fresh in the organic section of the grocery store.
  3. Marmots drink tea; coffee gins ’em up, brings out their inner wolverine.
  4. No marmots were harmed while this picture was being drawn; her eyebrows looked like that when she arrived!
  5. Taking out a “Wanted: One Marmot for Modeling Purposes” add on Craigslist is a really, really bad idea.

A couple of weeks ago we ran our 100th comic and to celebrate we’re adding a couple of you to our Christmas card list this year. M. Mira and Psychokitteh: please send email to quizzer (at) protonmail (dot) com with a snail mail address before Dec. 20th. I’ll shoot you a reply (so you know I got it) and then another when we send out the cards. Then I promise to shred ’em, or whatever you do, so you don’t end up on some weird “webcomic creators” seminar list.

— Quizzer & Codex

P.S. Welcome Huns and Hoydens!