…to our regular comics schedule. Starting Friday. Not that we went anywhere.

When we left off three weeks ago, drama had ensued when we somehow ran two comics out of order: Two Signs Fork was supposed to run before Crookthorn Forest. In addition, the signs in Two Signs Fork were pointing in the wrong directions. Of course, our readers noticed immediately.

We set up an investigative committee, checked our logs, examined the scripts, rebooted a couple of cartooning machines, and finally, in the end, determined Covid-19 was at fault. It’s a Covid kind of year.

We got our revenge.

Now, fresh from the break, we’re cartooning like fiends. Codex has entire forests drawn so I can have Rory lost in the dark, creepy woods for another 16 comics if I wanted to. But that would be boring. I hate boring. It’s so dull.

So our regular schedule will resume this Friday with Good and Lost. I’m writing the name down so we make sure to run the right comic. Then I’m off to the mall, and I’m bringing my wheelbarrow with me. If Uncle Soros is leaving piles of free pavers lying about, I’m taking advantage and finishing up a couple yard projects.

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