As of today we’re taking a three-week break from the comic. With the Apocalypse about to be unleashed at any moment, we certainly aren’t going to abandon you! There is far too much to laugh at!

My goal: to repost some old favorite comics and articles, to write some fresh ones, and to “redo” a few, so they meet our current world situation and generally-ridiculous circumstances. In fact, we’ll be putting something out six days a week!

This was planned. Reasons below. If you aren’t interested in how we do the comic, then bail now and we’ll see you tomorrow.

We’re at a good break point now, and the next portion of the story takes place at a location our readers know of but one that has scarcely been seen. That’s the problem. Codex draws a *ton* of reference art that can be reused, particularly for backgrounds. The next story arc follows Kit as Ionë trains her in the more lethal portion of her arts.

It’s comic after comic after comic as they battle over… deadly, competitive tea drinking.

When we looked ahead, we knew we could, at best, give you one comic a week. There is that much art involved. Rather than do that we’d rather just take the time to do it right. Codex also has a couple of other projects on the burner, and just needed a little break from the deadlines.


We’ll talk to you in the comments!

–> Codex & Q