I’m putting together tomorrow’s post and I’m hesitant to throw this one out. I don’t want to be an alarmist, but the ‘gitchy feeling’ has infected me for three days now, and I’ve been doing extra prepping.

I’m not a conventional prepper. I’m not holding out for the apocalypse. I’m more in the “have a couple months of food/stuff you’d normally use over that time on-hand, rather than rely on the grocery store to supply you for the conventional three days.” It’s uncomfortable, and possibly insane, but I’d rather be viewed as an alarmist fool than let someone go without a head’s up.

I went to Costco today, significantly earlier than I otherwise would have. We live on the edge of Deep Blue Hell and they were demanding masks again. I took their mask, walked three steps, then pulled it down beneath my nose for the rest of my shopping excursion. Nobody said anything, even in the checkout lines and final security check. It’s all kabuki, but at Costco they’d brain you with a 12-pack of soup, not just a single can.

The meat and alcohol sections seemed okay, but *everywhere* else felt looted. Any staple goods were half-empty. The freezer section was practically barren. It was… disconcerting. It might just be my local Costco: They have been undergoing freezer renovations for a few months now, so maybe they are just letting stock run low because they are in the final phases of construction. But…

Look, if you aren’t current on food then go out tomorrow. Go out now. Get gas. Have your vehicles on full tanks. First thing tomorrow is fuel and staples we normally stock from the grocery store. Things feel weird. Something is off. And I refuse to believe I’m the only one.

Otherwise… why is Costco so empty?