* A continuation from yesterday’s post. Still not funny. *

Americans have a history of rugged individualism & manifest destiny. We generally deal with interfering busybodies by ignoring them when we can, and paying their bribe when we can’t. Europeans deal with corruptocrats in subtle ways that we have to admire. Now is the time to learn from our European cousins. We’re all fighting the same enemy.

France recently implemented their vaccine passport rules. Restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, cinemas, swimming pools, and long-distance trains and planes are required to see your passport or they can’t let you in. Proprietors who fail to enforce the will of the state can be heavily fined or jailed. Americans view these developments with horror, but the French are good at being conquered and good at resisting their conquerors. It helps that nobody wants an extended stay.

Among other things, the following have been reported:

  • Test certificates (which expire) are checked once and the customer is given a token that doesn’t expire. No reason to check again.
  • Expired tests are being accepted
  • People are accepting paper test certificates without scanning them or reading past the title
  • People are scanning tests and then not looking at the screen to see the results
  • People are accepting QR codes even when they fail to scan at all
  • Some places asked “Do you have a pass” and then not checking so long as you say “Yes”

In other words, the people of France are conducting malicious compliance. Police stings are being sniffed out. It helps that hundreds of thousands of protesters are taking to the streets every weekend.

Americans start with tiny protests. Two-hundred attendees isn’t a protest, it’s a chance for Antifa to get some practice brutalization time. Ten-thousand attendees is an okay protest, but the Police are highly trained at crowd control and tend to funnel crowds this size through choke points for their own safety. The choke points are surrounded by Antifa and a friendly press eager to post video of Nazis getting pwned. There are plenty of police nearby to defend Antifa if the protesters get uppity.

Realizing the ‘protest route’ rarely goes well, Americans try law suits. Does anything shout ‘Freedumb’ louder than your day in court? Any lawsuit that survives an initial encounter with a judge will most likely eventually be won. It will only take a decade or so. There are 50-50 odds that you’ll live long enough to enjoy victory while enduring repeated forced jabs and not being allowed to buy food as the lawsuit navigates the legal obstacle course that is our Judicial System.

Then comes a gap of hopelessness and despair. Nothing is done because nothing can be done.

Finally we get all sporty and plant freedom seeds – available in multiple calibers – in those responsible for our misery. In the history of our country, this has only been tried once. It didn’t work.

I propose that the despairing-gap phase is the perfect opportunity to work on our malicious compliance game. We even have the perfect weapon: Yelp.

I hate Yelp with a passion. Yelp’s profit model relies on busybodies who leave bad reviews. Other Yelp users with left-over outrage on the day jump on board trashing the establishment. Suddenly, the poor business owner realizes: Yelp is a thing. Even though their business never signed up for Yelp; Yelp helpfully opened an account on their behalf. Yelp knows that most complaints filed are minor and petty. So Yelp has an automated procedure in place for business owners to file appeals. There is a small fee involved (of course).  Last time I checked it only involved a couple of extra zeros.

If you are thinking, “But that’s extortion!” you are correct. The lawsuit is still pending.

Yelp is still the perfect tool for the job because all you have to write is a glowing 5-star review that says, “This business is fully on-board with the vaxx pass and goes out of it’s way to ensure compliance.” Who is going to complain about that? Meanwhile, for everyone in the New Resistance, it’s a secret message in Resistance-ese.

I could tell you what that message is but I don’t want the Blue Checkmark Twitter Denizens to break our comms before we’ve even gotten started.

There was a period in American history that we all need to channel: Prohibition. Speakeasies, bootlegging, secret codes, and Nascar are all legacies of that era. We’re Americans. We’ll remember.

We are literally gambling our lives at this point, and it is far past time we got serious about defending ourselves. There are far too many who have admitted, “Starving the Great Unvaxxed to death is the only way to save them!” By ‘them’, they mean themselves.