This is weird and I hate to ask, but a new reader who goes by ‘SoundEagle’ followed by several mystery letters has tried to comment and like a bunch of our posts. I know because they show up in the email attached to the site.

Unfortunately, none of their comments appear for moderation or in the posts. I’ve checked spam. I’ve checked trash. I’ve checked pending. I’ve reloaded. I’ve quit browsers and restarted. I even sacrificed an entire can of green beans by recycling it into the compost heap. Surely the WordPress Fairy would take note and give us a break, no?

And no, I didn’t put the *can* there. That’s what the neighbors yard is for.

It’s a mystery. The only thing I’ve really got to go on is that sometimes WordPress is completely focused on Social Justice and has trouble processing the basics. Such as me liking some of your comments. In fact, yesterday it was having a *lot* of trouble doing that. I couldn’t even edit some of my own posts despite being logged in.

To be fair, we might have really ticked off the WordPress Fairy. She might hate alcohol, sporks, or comic strips. She might not even be a Fairy. Maybe she’s a Demon?

So SoundEagle, if you are wondering what happened: now you know. The first two lines of your comments show up in email if you have suggestions. I know you’re legit. I’d approve you out of mod if I could. For everyone else: any ideas?


–> Quizzer