Tempest in a Teardrop is proud to announce The Churchians will be published at Arkhaven, an independent and superversive comics aggregation site. It’s similar to Webtoons, but without the weird, the sick, and the broken that pervades many (most?) online comics in our woke, clownish world. The Churchians is called Vegfolk Fables at Arkhaven. We might officially change the name here at some point, but that’s a different post for a different time.

We’ll be running comics from the very beginning, three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We’re fixing as we go. It’s mostly minor spelling errors, but we get a chance to redo some of my more awkward text bubbles (I’m a much better comic writer than I was 5 years ago when we started), Codex gets a chance to fix the occasional art faux pas, and a name or two need to be tweaked. For example, we refer to ‘Snipe’ but I changed the name to ‘Quill’. Two years after we published the comic we mention him.

You’ve seen Quill. We just haven’t officially identified him yet.

We also get a chance to renumber everything. You’d think after almost 600 comics we’d… have that down. Heh.

The first comic was published today, about 7 hours ago. They use Swiss time, and my fingers don’t spin the right way to work out the math. Let’s not complicate things by tossing in flat earth theory. Just expect them to arrive about 4am Pacific Time, should you wish to read them there.

And you should. You’ll find many other great comics you had no idea existed. The comics are free, but you can show your support if you buy a subscription.

For our current readers: nothing changes. We’ll still be publishing new comics on Mondays and Fridays here.

If you’ve found your way to this post via Arkhaven: Welcome! Should you explore a bit, you might see what we’ll be publishing at Arkhaven over the next weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come.

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