You can read the whole thing for yourself here.

The quick breakdown:

Codex, Glyph, and I hammered and hammered on our descriptive text on the Arkhaven site. When we were done, we hammered some more. I think the final version was the 6th or 7th draft. Time well spent: BIC printed it in full.

They re-printed parts of the first two comics, which is very nice because it gives potential readers a feel for our art, style, and humor. My only regret is that we didn’t have a different second comic: Of the first story arc (six comics) #2 is by far the weakest. It is still good, just not as good.

The Dark Herald, the author of the review, talked about how great VeggieTales was – and he (she?) is right – and reviewed the sad ending of Big Idea Entertainment. New episodes are still being produced, but they are shadow of those made by the original creators.

“It’s time for something new. Something for today. That’s where Vegfolk Fables comes in.”

High praise indeed!

Thank you Bounding Into Comics and The Dark Herald for your kind words.

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