I was supposed to have a couple of written pieces published by now. Not happening. I’m having a bit of a rough go. I’ll get over it.

They *are* in process, but… wildlife happened. Wildlife and trials. Wildlife, trials, victories, and celebratory whisky. But I’m blaming wildlife.

On Wednesday, a bobcat came sauntering down our driveway. At first I thought it was a stray dog – we get them from time to time – but as I was putting on my shoes to try to corral him… something was off.

Our English Lab weighs 100 pounds and exerts no less than 800 pounds of force when she wants to enthusiastically share a toy with us. This thing was bigger. It’s the 4th bobcat I’ve seen here, and the others were like “oversized house cats”. This thing was freaking huge. I had no idea a bobcat could be that large. Think cougar, but with a bobbed tail, Wolverine – the Marvel character – cheeks, and all the attitude that goes with a predator that doesn’t have to care.

Then, to top it off, our neighbor’s chickens went nuts on Thursday afternoon. That isn’t uncommon. Three minutes later a coyote ran into our yard with a large black chicken in his mouth. That is unusual. We’ve had larger coyotes in the yard but never one with a freshly caught Thanksgiving Dinner. Naturally, our idiotic dogs wanted to challenge him for his fairly-won meal. That didn’t go well for them, although it was only their egos that were injured.

There is something awesome to mention: both Codex & I leveled up with the comics we’ll be publishing next week. Monday’s comic was literally a lark in my brain two weeks ago but after multiple revisions and some drawing magic… well… we did good.

Thursday is even better. I wrote the comic so the words said by the characters involved could help sell the art, but the art needs no selling. It’s fantastic. Codex has never been able to do caricatures all that well. Not this time. I’m really happy with both comics, and trust me: I don’t say that very often.

I’m my own worst critic.

Apologies for not having more for you this week, but it is what it is. I’m hoping to drop a road-trip update (with gas prices and road signs) on Tuesday or Wednesday, but no promises. Enjoy Thanksgiving! And we pray that family stress which everybody on social media is talking about doesn’t interfere too much.

–> Codex & Q