Family stuff came up. Really, really important family stuff. Plus it’s snowing and we’re going to try to get to Portland from Seattle tomorrow.

I guarantee the comic will be later this week, probably Wednesday. It’s disappointing to me, but we’ve been absolutely *SLAMMED* the past couple of weeks; but Monday’s comic (now Wednesday) and the New Years comic (hopefully by Sunday) are two of my favorites.

Codex also gave me a fabulous comics-related Christmas present, but I can’t tell you about it yet. It involves yet more artist time, but it is a tremendous opportunity that we won’t pass by.

Just a heads up; hopefully we’ll get back on an even keel by the second week of January.

In the meantime: enjoy the heck out of the Christmas Season (it doesn’t end until January 6) and Christ’s Blessings to all of you!

–> Codex & Q