Tomorrow’s comic will be out on time!

It isn’t due to me. I gave my artist some… ambitious instructions. She’ll probably post about it. Being as unfamiliar as I am with the facial expressions of rutabagas I did the best I could. I didn’t even realize Aglet was a rutabaga.

However: I was updating the Arkhaven comic on #40, “Questions”, for Tuesday and saw we’d had over 50k views on the series. That’s… a lot. I thought it deserved a special mention. Hence, I’m mentioning it.

And thanking all our readers and the staff at

Meanwhile, I think I have a Wednesday post about my aching back and thoroughly-polished shower doors, and I’m hoping to have a script for Friday. I know the order the story has to take but the amount of info I need to cram into four frames is sometimes… difficult.

Meh. It’ll happen. And lest any of you are in despair, need I remind you? We’re already nearly 10% of the way through 2022.