This week has been… [terrible]? [challenging]? [a slog]? [backbreaking]?

Pick one. Congrats, you’re a winner.

We have new carpets. Glyph spilled the first cup of coffee on them, which was disappointing because I felt that Codex would for-sure do that. Fortunately, we spent a day-and-a-half covering the new carpets with chopped-up-chunks of the old carpet so there wasn’t as much Dad-crying as there otherwise might have been. Four figures from the bank account is four figures, ya know? Even with the new math.

No energy for a funny Friday post. I would have blasted Ukraine propaganda anyway, and I’ve given up sarcasm for lent. Or is it Lent? I’m not Catholic so after a couple shots of whiskey I’m still me, and the Pope is still Argentinian. Who would have guessed that the Pope and I have something in common? Neither of us is Catholic.

Codex is going to try to have our next comic out on Monday but it will probably be Tuesday morning. We should be back to our regular Friday/Monday schedule on Friday.

In the meantime, panic as interest rates rise, the housing market crashes, and gas hits… um… it’s $4.50 here on the way to $7. Yeah. We should all panic. And vote D. Because voting R makes no difference and carries a probable jail sentence because the D’s are… just that way.

–> Q