We’re approaching episode #300, and we’ll be at episode #100 at Arkhaven around the same time. We have 71k total views at Arkhaven as of Episode #58.

We’re so, so blessed.

We’re also in the midst of massive life changes.


We want to do something special for one of these milestones. Last time we gave away a piece of “original art” and we’re perfectly willing to do that again. The problem is the entire comic is digital now so “original art” isn’t. Not really.

We can make it “special art” however.

I asked on Social Galactic for ideas and I should ask here too. Any suggestions on what we should do? We still have a couple of major toon groups to unleash on you before the cast is set: a variety of Churchians, and The Blackbirds. There’s a third group but it’s pretty much in concrete. ‘Prince’ is a name that is still controversial in our household but it’s gonna be. It has to be. It can’t not be. And we’ve been arguing over Silk for more than three years. Silk is in the same category as The Finality. “Give me a different name and I’ll consider it.” Then Codex couldn’t. Silk is fine. I might (10% chance) make it Silke but… no. No I won’t.

Rory is going to Churchi, and so will our readers. That scares me. That takes real writing skills that I’m not sure I’ve developed yet. The material is… delicate. Renaming the entire comic Vegfolk Fables takes a little pressure off, but still…

Did I not announce we’ll be renaming The Churchians? I should have. You should check out vegfolkfables.com. It’s been a broken spring, and we’re way behind all my goals for the comic.

Fix the house. Sell the house. Land… somewhere. And then become the “dark, dangerous, Veggie Tales for older teens” studio. We’re all insane now. Let’s do this.

–> Quizzer