It’s been a couple of weeks and I now wake up at 3:30am and think about posting something. Then I realize how many chores are still left on the house, drink an excessive amount of coffee, and continue the slog.

I miss posting. I’m super-happy to say I’ve always been grateful we can in terms of our talent, time, and energy. Soon. Relatively soon. I’m looking forward to it. Quips on social media or the occasional live podcast are nice warm-up exercises, but they don’t replace the real thing.

Maybe I know what real authors feel. Maybe.

The POD arrived today. The delivery was impressive. I’m not sure how our entire house will fit in an 8′ x 8′ x 16′ space, but I suppose once we remove the air the walls and floors will collapse and with a couple of prying bars we can wedge in the “end bits”. Like a sleeping bag. Or a recalcitrant turkey.

Also, ‘haboob’ is a word. Spell check doesn’t recognize it, but then neither did I. It’s now in the vault of “funny” words like “Walla Walla”, “Discombobulated”, and “Green Energy”.

For the record: a ‘haboob’ is a dust storm ginned up by desert winds in the more inhospitable places on the planet such as Sacramento. In this case the storm took place in Minnesota, which is also in the ‘Funny Words’ vault.

I’m mostly still alive and just barely able to write checks. My hands work fine, the pen works fine, and even the pages of the book are okay. It’s the spirit in my bank account that weeps every time we give money away. “That’s a part of my soul!” it wails. “How many Horcruxes must I divide myself into to satisfy your wanton monetary needs?!”

“Just one more,” I reply.

“I’m not the Fed!” it yells back.

Then we go to therapy with our pastor. He doesn’t charge.

Our realtor does though. We’ve know her for more than two decades. She helped us buy the house way back when. But she put her foot down. A firm stiletto heel directly to my liver. “The House Will Go Up Thursday Morning!” My pain is about to end. And begin. We have a POD to pack. And many, many chores to finish.

In the meantime: ‘Haboob’ is funny. ‘Haboobs’ is hilarious.

–> Quizzer