Season 1.06: Kate, Who May or May Not Impale


What happens when you let a leftie loose on a classicWhat happens when you let a leftie loose on a classic… © Codex & Q


Stabby, stabby, stab.Stabby, stabby, stab. © Codex & Q

Still No Trident

Pro tip: Don't torque off the killer unicorns.Pro-tip: Don’t torque off the killer unicorns. Kate wasn’t interested in any “tridents” unless they came mounted on an Ohio-class submarine.  © Codex & Q

Rough Employment Market

Payback for the Mermaid...Payback for that mermaid… © Codex & Q

Kate’s Job Offer: Updated

At least with the stables there's cardio...At least with the stables there’s cardio. Thanks to Cedar Sanderson for this comic idea! © Codex & Q

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