Season 1.07: Sasquan

Court is in Session

"My way is always best" unofficial CHORF motto“My way is ALWAYS best” – unofficial CHORF motto. © Codex & Q

Compost Everything!

Feed those hungry plants!Feed those hungry plants! © Codex & Q

Shameless Self-Promotion

We also have friends who can be bribed...Postcard-style flyer we handed out at Sasquan. © Codex & Q

The Vote is In

IMG_20150821_221839_kindlephoto-7432247Drawn and posted from Sasquan. No scanner or editing software, so we took a pic 🙂 So hopeful, before the Saturday night awards ceremony. Where they No Awarded a record 5 categories. © Codex & Q

Guest Comic: Codex & Q Sleep In

That's what kids are for, right? Slave labor?Drawn by our daughter, Glyph, whom we make slave away in the drawing mines. A day later she would ask, “So how about that extra dessert? Or was that just hyperbole too…” © Codex & Q

Sunday T-Shirt Shopping

10% Discount for CHORFs10% discount for CHORFs. © Codex & Q

Hugo Award Ceremony: Dark Mirror!

It's a Diane Duane homage...It’s a Diane Duane homage… © Codex & Q

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