Season 1.10: End of the Hugos

The Herald

The Herald Goes to CHORF HeadquartersIt’s not Amazon Prime, but it does have the “personal” touch…

Special Delivery

The Sad Puppies bring the Torlings a Gift Special DeliveryKnock, Knock. Who’s There? Greeks!

Trojan Kate

The Sad Puppies Bring Trojan Kate to the Torlings at CHORF HeadquartersIt still won’t be big enough…

An Award Too Large

The_Gift_05_Cease_Fire_SmallerSize DOES matter…

A Whole New Level

Quizzer_Designs_a_Mario_Maker_Level_with_TerriWe could make a mint off a Presidential candidate version…

Are we caring?

Torlings invade Tiat Studios in Response to Virtual Tater ViolenceWe’re willing to care virtually.

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