Season 2.01: Interns

We’re Getting Interns?

CHORFs Want to Add Intern Staff to Tiat StudiosNo, we’re not going to have a flying fish zombification comic… Sigh.

We’re Getting Interns!

TiaT studios decides to try product placementWe think there’s real money in paying us not to advertise…

Cocks Not Glocks

Carrot_Interviews_Rooster_About_Cocks_not_Glocks_protestThere have been times we’ve wanted to shoot our neighbors rooster…

Intern Interviews

The Tiat Characters Interview Potential InternsEven more shocking, Terri’s interviewee identified as ‘female’…


A cupcake cake interviews at TiaT for the intern jobTrans-pastry is even edgier than trans-named! We are so transgressive!

It’s a Montage!

The CHORFs interview interns looking for a diversity hireTechnically she’s a chive, but if you can pass as an OOK do the details really matter?

Always ‘Shroom for One More

Rory the Tank has a job interview for the TiaT internshipWe’re not sure where Rory’s got his armament stashed.

Definitely Tricks

CHORF treats are more like tricksAfter all, THEY know what you SHOULD want. You should be grateful to them!

Bonus! Halloween Treats!

Tiat Studios provides tasty Halloween treats to allIf they aren’t careful they’ll have too much fun, and Some One In Authority who knows better will hit them with the government stick.

My Little Intern: Words are Magic!

Terri Instructs the new CHORF intern on how to say Vox DayIf they can just find the perfect combination of words, the problem goes away, right?

Safety Third

Rory_the_Tank_Mushroom_Obliterates_the_TiaT_shooting_rangeWhat we want to know is where Rory is hiding the howitzer…

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