Season 2.09: Terri’s Dream

President Anita Sarkeesian

Dream_Terri_01_President_Anita_SmallerEveryone has dreams!

President Problematic

Dream_Terri_02_Pres_Problematic_smallerThe Supreme Court is problematic too…

Bathroom Certificates

Dream_Terri_02_Bathroom_Certification_smallerWhat will they call the police force created to enforce THIS decree?

Terri’s Dream: The End?

Dream_Terri_Bathroom_Cert_Frame_5_smallerShe didn’t get to the good part where aliens blow up D.C. and Sec. of Veteran’s Affairs Baldwin is sworn into office.

It’s Our Comicversary!

Comicversary_smallerYes, ‘Comicversary’ is a word… that we just made up…

Great Moments: Star Trek II

GMICH_The_Wrath_of_Khan_smallerMay the 4th be with you, Trekkies!

Happy Mother’s Day

Terri_blames_morning_sickness_on_the_patriarchyFeminism 101: If a woman is experiencing anything unpleasant it’s ALL some guy’s fault.

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