Season 2.08: April Fools

April Fools! “Aftermath”

April_Fools_2016_smallerSJWs might still have trouble. Sorry. We can only dumb it down so much.

Hold Still!

Hold_Still_smallerJust because they say “all art is pain” doesn’t mean it has to be yours…

Crustaceans for Cruz

Robo_Calls_smallerFight back! When robots call, place your phone in front of “The View” for an hour.

Abyssal Horrors Dig Time Lords

Abyssal_Horrors_Dig_Time_Lords_smallerIt works just like “Gun Free Zone” signs.

Mrs. Potatohead Cosplay

Mrs_Potato_Head_Body_Shamer_smallerThe Science is Settled: Cheesecake removes all body awareness issues.


Trigger_Nate_Day_smallerOld Raven pairs well with lutefisk, which makes the bourbon taste better.

Modern Space Saving Devices

MicroagressionsWe even used black chalk!

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