The Churchians – Season 1.08: The Inquisition

Literal Orders


Coming soon to Vidiocy: Deacon Burl, Aspie Inquisitor!

Present Arms


“Shwwwp” not “shwing”. Who puts pruning saws in a metal sheath?

Augustine Didn’t Read Greek


Fact! Augustine did NOT read Greek.

Civil Discourse


Join Patheos today! The debates been raging for a decade and won’t end any time soon!

Grave Sins


You can slice the tension with a mandoline…



“Inquisitors! Investigate!” It’s like we’re watching an episode from the Vidiocy series itself!

Beta Testing

Do automated cars burst into flames? AI algorithms? Then drone deliveries will too!

Close Cauldron

If you know where to order fire from, leave a comment please.

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