The Churchians – Season 2.06: The Cauldron Door

The Cauldron Door#119

Note: Terrible Squeaking Noise Not Included in this Comic.

Doubts – #120

According to The Daily Compost, secret tunnels beneath Churchi are a conspiracy theory and fake news.

Diagnosis – #121

Rory could also have said, “Ha. Ha. Very topical.”

Noise Annihilation – #122

Codex sez: “This was the second-easiest comic I’ve ever had to draw!”

Wrong. So Wrong. – #123

The Salad Spinner Rory hasn’t discovered yet is an exciting carnival ride!

Elder Cotton – #124

Sermon notes are for Trinity Sunday.

The Time Google Sponsored a Church – #125

Homework Assignment: Get those singing voices warmed up for Friday!

A Familiar Tune – #126

Let’s all sing along, and add more verses in the comments!

Return Trip – #127

Does *every* church have a secret tunnel?

The Guilty Pair – #128

Alt Title: Grammar vs Grammar.

Broken Silence – #129

The sound of (mostly) silence.

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