The Churchians – Season 2.07: Broken Hope

Beelzebub’s Brimstone Britches! – #130

We apologize for Kelvin’s swearing. Mushrooms, right?

Collision of Opinion – #131

No drama like mushroom drama. Or is it ‘drawma’, since it’s a cartoon?

Damage Report – #132

Yep… no good deed.

Stay Vigilant – #133

The half-life of pristine front doors is less than 18 frames.

Wanted – #134

That goes for all our readers, too. Report in the comments section!

The Babysitter – #135

By which book is Kel referring to, we wonder.

Two Candles – #136

Homework Assignment: Get those singing voices warmed up for Friday!

EF: Two Candles – #136b

The picture now has TWO CANDLES in it. Subtle.

Enlightenment – #137

Let the speculation begin! (in the comments, please)

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