The Churchians – Season 2.10: Old Hick

Night Off#154

The tree-thing union bargains ludicrously well.

The Sins They Won’t Forgive – #155

“Specificity is the soul of all good communication.” – The Middleman

Stranger in a Strange Land – #156

As per Moses, not Heinlein.

Hornswaggler – #157

Nignamog, fiddle-faddler, gull-catcher, nicknaffy fellow!

Humdrum – #158

Word of the Day: Quotidian

Old Hickory – #159

We argued over the word ‘wisest’ for much too long…

Questions – #160

You can get relationship advice from Buzzfeed or an ancient tree. Choose wisely!

Refreshing Manners – #161

His bark is worse than his bite.

Stick in the Mud – #161 EF


Yes, we originally ran these out of order. And then we re-ran #162 instead of this one. Great Galloping Strowberry Forks!

Stick in the Mud – #162

It could have been ‘Ludicrous Lumber’, too.

False Dawn – #163

He’s going to need it.

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