The Churchians – Season 2.16: The Final Challenge

The Final Challenge#214

Dinner is gonna be venison… or mushroom salad.

A Bad Plan – #215

Otherwise known as ‘The Cowboy Option’; except cows are terrifying.

Absent Pop – #216


Extra Points if you know who Flossie is.

Death by Deer – #217

Feel free to express your grief in the comments.

Rascals & Pranksters – #218

There’s a chest in there. Somewhere. It’s… a matter of controversy atwixt the author and the artist…

Pit’s Treasure Cave – #219

Can you spot the raccoon?

A Fortune in Furs – #220

You get what you pay for.

Shadow Saint – #221

Matching fur hats and masks would be pretty cool.

Truly Needed – #222

Shadow Saints are *always* needed. More please!

Sworn to Secrecy – #223


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