15 thoughts on “Choices, Choices

    1. Of course they’d be using Vox Day’s invented terminology.

      Either that, or the German equivalent of guinea pigs.


        1. LOL. Clamps, that’s as fine an example of projection as I’ve seen in awhile, considering that you show up practically wherever Vox’s name is mentioned to badmouth him. No, I just like mocking you when I come across you doing that.


      1. @Dave W.
        1. Do you even know what the word projection means?
        2. Drow, who is exploiting the death of her son to stir the blood of her followers, said she didn’t want to mention one of her friends by name after Vox harassed Emma and Nina and after one of Vox’s followers harassed Christina on twitter.
        Now who’s projecting?


        1. 1: Better than you, apparently.
          2: You sir, prove yet again what a disgusting individual you are. You just can’t stop talking about the woman you’re cyberstalking and making stuff up. Of course, somehow it’s her fault that you can’t keep her name out of your virtual mouth when all she wants to do is forget that you exist. Sad, Clampsy, sad.


      2. Says the guy who showed up here to harass me.
        And also the guy who said he’d make it his mission in life to destroy me. Although I thought you already did. Not sure what that means exactly, though I can guess.


        1. “Showed up here to harass you”??!! ROFL! You think way too highly of yourself. I showed up here to look at a webcomic I was given the link for and found you, up to your usual shenanigans.

          I knew it was just a matter of time until you said something disgusting about the death of Shadowdancer’s son. You can’t help yourself. I’ll repeat what I said before: LEAVE HER ALONE.


      3. Spoiler alert: Shadowdancer exploited the situation. All to stir the blood of the Mad Genius Club and Vox PopoliI

        Note from Codex: you get one and only one shot at comments about someone’s dead child that say anything other than a variation on “I’m so sorry for your loss.”

        Please redirect your ire to the vegetables: they can take it.

        This is your only warning.



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