Not Quite a Trigun Review

So this was supposed to go with a review of the old anime series “Trigun”. You know the saying that there’s weird, and then there’s Japanese Game Show weird? This one’s like that.

Trigun features a super-powered mysterious gunslinger on an alien planet wild-wild-west with a really weird nemesis (and a deeply confused “Catholic” “priest”). We all watched it: a mix of badly-subbed YouTube episodes and grainy library copies. The art is old-school, but good, and the story hooks you faster than you’d expect.

So a short review, in place of the “Killing Star Wars” comic that Codex didn’t quite get finished before she had to leave. It was inspired by this masterpiece of authentic curmudgeonly dudgeon. Episode One of The Last Straw.

Saturday Sketch: Friday Fail

Codex here. Just now finishing what was supposed to be the Friday comic. Sooo… It’ll go up Monday. This was our first week of homeschooling (High School) and 2nd declension Latin nouns were a challenge (among other things).  

So here by way of apology is the original concept art I made when we were deciding where to “set” Churchi. One of these days I’ll figure out how to get the scanner to handle colored pencil art (honestly, it looks pretty decent in real life) rather than just inks.