The Tempest Explained

The Tempest in a Teardrop aka Hugo Awards Controversy explained

Since we ran this strip, Shadowdancer has written a blog post which not only covers the history of the tempest, but also describes what life was like living under totalitarian governments. It is well worth the read, and we are updating this entry because it attracts new readers.

Our original links remain. Additional information can still be found here.

For a good example of what the kind of free discussion of the issue isn’t being dis-emvowelled, deleted, or otherwise censored looks like try this post: Musings (Not Sorted).

Free debate vs. Disemvowelling and Deletions: A summary of how dissenters are treated in pro- and Anti-Sad/Rabid Puppy Campaign sites.

Outside the teardrop: the tempest appears in the world of comic books: Is it all really the same fight?

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