6 thoughts on “Terri Tweets

  1. That feed is wacky. I think she’s a high-level troll/parody account like Godfrey Elfwick. The sad part is how hard it is to tell the difference between an Elfwick-troll and the real nutjob radfems.


    1. I think she is legit, but It is hard to tell. Poor, poor satirists! One day, we’ll once again be able to make over-the-top jokes that don’t need explanatory links to let the audience know that they are, in fact, making fun of something…


  2. It’s the crazy years coming. In conversation they will switch from rational to irrational, one sentence to the next and back. Like a Christmas light. I don’t know how to respond to that.
    Question it and the, start hulking out, emotionally.

    Satire is going to have a tough row, for sure.

    You guys have been keeping up on your shooting, I hope.



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