There are advantages to being a comic strip writer, chief among them being that people tend to put you into the “harmless”category. They don’t understand that the “Wow, that sounds like a stupid thing to do” portion of your brain doesn’t exist. Particularly when it comes to promoting your comic.

So, without incriminating myself, let us say there was a rumor that an author of some note was arriving at the Spokane airport at around 10:16am. Let us also say, hypothetically, that I happened to be passing said airport with a sign out my window with the word ‘Wright’ upon it. What a happy coincidence! Ignore the chauffeur-looking guy tied up in the back seat. He is cosplaying. Besides, we have a relationship that makes you a monster if you judge us.

To what lengths would our hypothetical author go to get that ride into Worldcon? This is maybe how it might have turned out. Hypothetically. Assuming any lawyers or law-enforcement types are reading this.


That gentle readers, is Wright the Raven perched atop Hugo-nominee, John C. Wright,’s shoulders.

For legal purposes, the picture is “photo-shopped.”

Wait, is “perched” the best word? I don’t need to consult a thesaurus today,  I’ve got a professional word smith here.

“Perched, is fine,” he said between gritted teeth.

Hmmm. A little snippy. Was it the cross country flight? “Kidnapping.” Forced promotional picture, or extra-special attention from the TSA that was the culpit.

I’m guessing it’s the TSA.