Vox Day Arrives!

Spent most of the day with John and Jagi Wright. No assassination attempts. Met many fans of both authors. Also met up with Hugo-nominee Rolf Nelson. I think not one but two SJWs fainted at the sight of us.

Spokane is surrounded with wildfires. The smoke is palpable, buildings two blocks over are obscured in a light fog. Mere coincidence, or is The Supreme Dark Lord making his presence known? It has to be Vox. Especially since it arrived with John and Jagi’s plane…

We also met a PHD student doing a gaming survey clearly fishing for victims of prejudice on the part of gamers. He claimed to have started his research before GamerGate began, but for some reason I did not believe him. This is because I am paranoid, I’m sure. I will include this pic of the survey questions if anyone is interested. You’ll need to blow up and reorient it as our image-manipulation abilities are very limited right now. The organization lists their web site as http://www.rpgr.org



2 thoughts on “Vox Day Arrives!

  1. I would not have trouble believing it. The narrative against gamers was setup years ago. Here is a article from 2012:


    And if you look into academia you see signs througout the 2000’s. That is why Sargon was investigating it, as Andrian Shaw’s work was used as the academic reference in several Gamers are Dead articles.


    1. My instincts were right! If only there was a handy phrase or mnemonic to help people remember… SJWs always… something… I’ll come up with it after coffee, more reliable internet connectivity, and returning this accursed tablet back to the abyss, whence it came!

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