We’re all waiting now.

I honestly thought that by this point I would have a better feel for how the evening was going to go.  Nobody seems confident, but nobody seems nervous either. I’ve met several nominees and past award winners. Editors. Real cartoonists. I even met a lovely “grandmotherly” woman who was going to be a participant on a “diversity panel”.  I, having thrust all common sense into my other pants, asked whether she was taking the “pro” or “con” side. As I am still here, the  universe didn’t erase itself.

I think the ceremony will be fun so long as all parties leave their internet personalities on the internet. Except for us, of course, because we are comix. Even so close to the ceremony we’re meeting online friends: minion #329, for example, and a lovely woman who wanted to be identified as “an unnumbered fellow minion.” Neither carried buckets of blood or appeared to be a supremacist. So we’re hopeful the ceremony will go smoothly up to when the winners are anounced. We’re also hopeful that the post-rioting celebration will be healing.

And we’re sure someone on file 770 will feel personally threatened by it all, despite being 1000 miles away.

We showed some minions a preview of next Wednesday’s strip. Everbody laughed, so we’re going with it!

Best of luck to all the nominees!