6 thoughts on “None Shall Pass… Anonymously

  1. I like the ‘demonic slug’ theme for the Vile Faceless Minions. What could possibly be scarier to a vegetable?

    The whole lair setting is admirably spooky. I’m waiting for a ‘Wizard of Oz’ sort of reveal – a switch from sepia to color as she enters the castle, maybe?

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    1. You won’t see color except in very rare circumstances (like for the Christmas card comic… maybe). Codex and I have debated about making the strips color, but she feels the muted palette we use gives a distinctive look and matches our tone. I find it hard to argue her point, because if we did go to full color we risk appearing too cartoonist for both our tastes.

      Still, we’re experimenting, so who knows; maybe next year…


    1. That was Codex. The script said ‘troll-like creature, have fun.’ She obviously did, and the result fits the demesne pretty well, I think, at least the way it appears in our Dewberry Woods. Has anyone visited the real place and lived to give a description?

      Glad you liked it 🙂



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