6 thoughts on “Professor What?

    1. [ding] Your comment is important to us. Please stand by for the comic creator who can provide an authoritative answer to your query. She will be with you shortly. We know you have the option to leave comments at other web comics, thank you for choosing ours. [ding]


    2. Oh good – I’m not the only one who thought of that. Since most of the characters correlate to real actual live people, I’m curious as to who the bug is.


      1. Well, *loosely* correlate. For example, John C Wright is not *actually* a raven. And Larry Correia is not *actually* a Totoro-Bear Thing. We know. We’ve met both of them. Sarah Hoyt may or may not be a mouse. Ditto Kate Paulk/Unicorn.

        I, however, most definitely *am* a spork and typing these comments is quite difficult as I jump from key to key. So, thanks for reading!



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