9 thoughts on “CSI: Inevitable Justice

  1. Go fictional detectives! (CSI guys,doubtnot the powersof the imagination of Q and C!–though Iam curious as to the comic will get by without the rabbit.)

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    1. Forget that! How will the comic get by when readers find out we’ve made a tumblr account… and that I’m abusing our own comment thread to test the link to it!

      Yep, that works. Yep, that page is ugly.


        1. Which browser do you use? I’ve tried with Firefox, IE, and whatever the Kindle Fire uses. Only strange thing is the comics show up a little darker on the top. I suspect its your firewall. Heck, it is tumblr. If I was a company I’d block that too 🙂


          1. I’ve had a tumblr account forever* and every time I go back to give it a try I end up rage-quitting. Who knows why they stick a black shadow on the top?

            *for values of forever = internet forever = 5 years + or – a year.

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          2. Ah, based on overgrownhobbit’s comment, what I saw is not unusual, it may be normal. Hmm, maybe they are trying to appear darker, edgier, gritty? Neo-Goth?



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