12 thoughts on “CSI: Coroner’s Report

  1. Good thing I did not have my tea in hand when I read today’s strip. Love those”I’m a doctor, not a [fill in the blank] lines. 😀

    And in the internal ref works. (although the link back helps.)


  2. My vote is drop the internal link. Those obtrusive arrows stuck on top of the artwork are extremely irritating and not really useful. If you want to have a reference, put a URL in text form with the art.

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      1. Nonono – not “IN” the artwork, “WITH”. As in, a line of actual text somewhere (just below) with it – text that can be clicked on to go to the source; I didn’t mean for it to be drawn in the art. For one thing, that makes it a PITA to google, because you have to type it all in the search bar, and most URLs are hard to get right the first time.


  3. It always comes down to zombies eventually.

    My wife wondered at what I was laughing, so I showed her.
    “I don’t get it.”

    Hilarious, though.
    Particularly in light of r/K theory.
    Damn Rabbits.

    I liked the internal link, btw. The rooster crack was funny even without remembering the prior episode. But we have roosters.


    1. That was the second reason our friends/family didn’t get it: a lot of the humor builds on previous strips/knowledge of our fictional world. This is pretty hard to replicate online, which is another problem we’re trying to solve better. (cough) Book (cough).

      I like the internal link too, but it has some limitations. Next go round we’ll try something different.



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