9 thoughts on “Good List, Bad List

        1. Fine Print: Secret Awards and Prizes may not exist.

          Not so much prizes as ur-prizes, no, surprises, but are not necessarily timed surprisingly as that they generally appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Why the sur? Not sure. Perhaps a fascination with SulfonylUrea Receptors, but I’m probably wrong about that.

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    1. No, not THE Hugos. Tor help us, that’d be BAD. An award that has the name ‘Hugo’. By coincidence. Pure coincidence. It happens more often than you’d think. And those were the setup for comics we’ve got lined up for the next, oh, four months or so.

      Note the ‘were’, which means we’re done with them and will be moving on to our next storyline, which features… well, that’d be giving it away. Err, okay, we’ll have one more that *mentions* Hugo, because we have to give a good reason for the CHORFs to storm the Dem- hmmm, I can’t talk about that one.

      …and then Terri will…
      …Guest Appearances by MAJOR cable television celebrities…
      …Anita Sarkeesian…
      …and convince Codex to draw a carrot with Milo’s hair…

      Okay, no, I can’t talk about any of those. Wait a minute! People *liked* our Hugo comics! We got some big upswings in traffic and new readers!

      To make a long comment short: will making fun of Terri suffice? Because that’s what we’re doing on Monday.

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      1. Milo would be good, or Stephan, or Bill.
        :o) I’ve spent 50 years ignoring popularity contests and don’t care to stop now. And since I ignore hugo, I don’t get most of the jokes.
        That said, I understand a sporks gotta do… etc. Oh! and you can deep fry all the sjw you like. I will cheer.



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