6 thoughts on “Misgendemeanor

  1. Grrrr… Damned tiny skinny print on dark gray… I had to expand the image to 1200% before I could read “Torling Blood”!

    Question: What is the weird thing the shrooms are playing with, a sunlamp?

    I like “misgendermeanor” and want to see it catch on.


    1. 1) We are cruelty artists. It you can manage to look at it under a 30x microscope you’d see all kinds of hidden messages.

      2) That’s called ‘foreshadowing’. Readers see something like that and go whaaa? and then keep reading for the next couple of weeks.

      3) Thank you. I’d like to see it catch on too, but it is a devil of a word to spell. I ended up spelling it four different ways in the script, and had to figure out which one was right!



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