Codex here: Yes, It’s He Who Must Not Isn’t-currently-going-to Be Named. Feel free to come up with a name for him. Same bonuses apply as with the still-ongoing Name the Terri Tot contest.

So, anyhoo, one of the things I do when I’m stuck someplace with a flat surface and a pencil is start drawing. Usually on scrap paper. (Like Dave Kellet wrote: shelves of elegant sketch books too pretty to disturb… back of an envelope? no problemo) Mostly they’re relevant to my kid, or copyright protected 1. Usually they’re just… odd.

While I was manning a booth at ECC I started noodling about just what was grabbing the gal on my Sunday badge art in between customers. Quizzer ran with it for a comic strip. So if you enjoy the occasional character study (most won’t be this detailed) let me know and I’ll put them up.

I expect my “Saturday” sketches will be every bit as reliable as my “monthly” 2 book reviews.

1. Totoro. Lots of Totoro.
2. You can stop laughing now. Okay?