Saturday Sketches: Death-metal Bronies

Death_metal_my_little_ponies_friendship_is_magicSo, I’m stuck in a lecture on music librarianship, and the gent doing the presentation is explaining all the different types of heavy metal. Including something called “death-metal” and did you know that there’s early music symphonic-cross-over death metal? Yep.

So, I was doodling, ponies, the way you do, and I thought: I wonder what death-metal Bronies would look like.

Here you go.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Sketches: Death-metal Bronies

    1. 1) Have debate about what a ‘Cubone’ is
      2) Calculate ‘Search Regret’ factor
      3) Open Private Browser window
      4) Find ‘Cubone’
      5) Express relief

      You’re right! One of them kinda does look like a Cubone!



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