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The “meat” of today’s post is provided by Codex. When she presented her idea for a Wednesday post she didn’t think I’d go for it. It’s a serious post. I’m known as the “funny one” of our comic partnership. But a Tuesday night off is a Tuesday night off, even if I have to throw in a couple of extra paragraphs to provide a little context.

Project Schnapsidee

We’ve been working on something behind-the-scenes that finally got a name: Project Schnapsidee. That’s a German word that means a “crazy idea”, but I’ve also seen it translated as “an idea that seems really good when you’re drunk.”

That latter definition is perfect. If any actual German-speaking readers could confirm the translation we’d be much obliged.

What is Project Schnapsidee? Until the FBI offers us sweetheart immunity deals, we can’t say.

What about Hugo?

We’ve been talking about Hugo, now that Award Season is over. He’s just sort of sitting there, crashed, in a giant crater, in the middle of the Dewberry Woods. I’m assuming our conversation prompted what Codex writes below. I can’t say for sure. The mushroom mind is a wondrous yet complex thing.

Regarding Hugo’s fate: read the comic. We’re not promising anything anytime soon, however.


a guest mini-post by Codex

I’ve finally figured it out. The Campaign to End Puppy-related Sadness and the Rabid Puppies come from the people who GAFIATed walked away from World Con Omelas.

It’s a classic science fiction story by Ursula LeGuin. Go ahead and read it, if you need to. I’ll wait.


But they didn’t stay away. They came back.

The Campaigners to End Puppy-related Sadness came with megaphones and pamphlets. They brought puppeteers and mimes and storytellers to convince the Omelase to free the little girl in the cellar.”You don’t need to keep the Hugo her locked up to be happy and successful. Omelas is for all fandom everyone!”

The Rabids are the ones who returned with mortar, cannon & the 5th Batallion of U.S. Marines to blow the evil skeevy child-torturing bastards up.

During the third campaign, the kindly storytellers, and missionaries of the Campaign asked the Rabids, “This kid had been locked in the dark and fed on shite so long, why not give Peace a chance?”

“It won’t work.”

“Let us try.”

So they did, and the Puppy Kickers Omelase screamed bloody murder and blew up the kid.

The End.

(Unless you believe in reincarnation, of course)

The Funny Conclusion

Normally readers expect something a little more comedic from our Wednesday posts, so I’m going to punt you over to the highly-paid writers at The Onion. This is the sort of piece I normally attempt. I’d have professional jealousy, but I’m not paid, so I guess we’ll call it “unprofessional jealousy” and give them a field goal. Curse them.