6 thoughts on “A Demesne Dies

    1. An unlikely but plausible chain of events resulting in the complete destruction of the Desmesne of the Dark Lord could have been set off when one of the Ilk, and I’m not pointing to any one in particular, failed to clean the slimy residue off the Nespresso machines “extra foam” button.

      It could also have started as a result of global warming, Levi stores forbidding concealed weapons, or unholy experiments involving mobile carnivorous plants in the dank undercellar of the castle.

      Stay tuned Monday to find out…

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    1. Thanks: I’d never drawn an explosion before, much less of a Florentine-style estate from above, so I was a bit nervous about this one.

      This was the “splash page”. Monday’s comic will start the new storyline.



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