Season 2.14: The Finality – Prelude

Trump is Our President


It’s even worse than we were told–!!!

Wright Labs & Botanical Gardens


We just LOVE science…

Making it Weird Again


“Mobile Killer Plant” is an ecological niche that needs to be filled.

Putting the “Snap” in Snapdragon


Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom…

Good Help is SO Hard to Bio-Engineer


He’s a brain in a jar. He’s ALWAYS been a brain in a jar. Bwahaha!



Let’s face it: their jars are empty either way…

A Demesne Dies

“Everything dies.” ~ Wendy, Don’t Starve

Time Travel Madness

PSS has a single-pill cure, but we can’t tell you which pill it is. Spoilers!

Seismic Setoff

More proof that gun-free zones produce lousy results.

The Funth Dimension

At least THIS safe space served a useful purpose.

End of the Woods

Ominous warning… dire consequences… and… SCENE!

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