5 thoughts on “We Might Be Divided

  1. Nice.

    The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking. Emplacing a ‘He will not divide us’ flag is, in and of itself, divisive. And since it is done by a man, the ‘He’ could be reflexively the one who erected the flag. So, it’s a terrible contradiction. Even if the flag is assumed to mean President Trump (who actually is President, despite what the chairthing of the DNC says), the existence of the flag indicates division.

    They really can’t think. They only Feelz.

    Back in-comic – The crossover/convergence continues in a new and more disturbing way. Actual humans (well, for a given value) can now travel to Dewberry Woods! Soon there will be travel agents arranging trips, developers looking to grab, er, despoil, er, develop the land, and carpetbaggers, er, government officials looking for something to regulate out of existence. I can just see Greenpeace showing up to rescue the Torlings.


    1. Interesting observation, McChuck. It’s almost like reality is migrating into our cartoon dimension. As far as the Torlings… let’s just say they have some commitments to fulfill. I don’t see rescue boats on the horizon…



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